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Remove a versioned page

Roman Serazhiev

Roman Serazhiev Last update: Jul 19, 2018

There are two ways to remove a versioned page. You can either remove a specific version of a page, delete a version of a page, or remove all versions of a page.


Removing unversioned pages works differently – for more information, see Removing unversioned pages.

Remove a version of a page

Removing a specific version does not delete the version, but hides it from users. The title is grayed out in the navigation tree, and the page will not be available in the working version (or versions based on it).

  1. Open the page and version you want to remove, and click Tools > Delete.
  2. If you want to remove all children of the page, select the Remove <x> descendant page(s) box. (Descendant pages are child pages.).
  3. Click Remove.

On publish, the page will be removed from the visible documentation.


If you removed a version of a page, the content will still be available in the master space, if you edit the page in this version again.

The content will not be displayed on edit, if you remove a fallback page (see VSN-1859 ). To get this content back, please open the page the content falls back to, and copy+paste the content to the wanted versioned page.

Delete a version of a page

Deleting a page version will delete the page and store it in the trash. This should only be done with care, as trashed pages cannot be easily recovered.

  • Open the page and version you want to delete and click Versions > Delete page version or Versions > Page versions > Operations > Delete page version.
    (info) These two are identical in result and can only be used if at least two versions of that page exist.

The selected page version will be deleted and moved to the trash and the page will be in a state as if that specific version has never existed.

Delete all versions of a page

Removing all versions of a page trashes the page and all its versions. This should only be done with care, as trashed pages cannot be easily recovered.

  1. Open the page you want to remove, click Tools > Delete
  2. Click To remove this page and all its versions... and select the Remove page and all its versions (this cannot be undone) box.
  3. If you want to remove all children of the page, select the Remove <x> descendant page(s) box.
  4. Click Remove.

The page will be trashed and the timestamp from the time the page has been deleted will be added before the page title of the deleted page in the trash.

Restore a trashed versioned page

If you removed all versions of a page, you can restore trashed versioned pages by using the default Confluence restore functionality.

  • Due to how Confluence restores pages, restoring a trashed page will place it on the top level of your space, and it will be unversioned.
  • If you want to have it displayed in the page tree again, you will need to View in Hierarchy and move the page manually to the wanted position in the page tree.
  • You need to restore each single page version if you want to restore multiple versions.
  • Once a versioned page got restored, a new page revision is created and the change comment is filled with additional information:
    • Trashed by
    • Original Page Title
    • Scroll Page Title
    • Scroll Page Id
    • Original Scroll Version
  • If you want to version the page again you have to convert it to a versioned page and – if you are using the permalink functionality to have duplicate page titles – change the page title and the permalink to your needs.
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