Scroll Versions does not offer official support for restricting searches to specific versions (there is currently an open feature request for this, which you can vote on if you want to receive updates once this is implemented).

However, it is possible to implement a workaround by manually restricting your search by page title.

Limitations of this workaround

  • If you restrict your search to a specific version using the method explained here, the search results will only contain pages created in that specific version. If a page doesn't exist in a specific version, and the page in that version is currently a fallback to a preceding version, then it will be missing in the search results.
  • This workaround will only work with Confluence versions 5.7 and later, as earlier versions did not feature support for search filtering via CQL.

How versioned page titles work in Scroll Versions

Scroll Versions saves each version of a page as a child page of the master page, with the same title prefixed with a dot and suffixed with the version name:
.<pagetitle> v<versionname>, e.g. .Glossary v3.0

Those pages are called dot-pages.

For example:

  • Master page: Key Features
  • Versioned page: .Key Features v1.0

When publishing within the same space, the content of those dot-pages will be copied to the Master page which is visible for the reader.

Restricting searches to a specific version

In this workaround, we will restrict our search results to only include results from pages with titles that include v<versionname> of the version we want to search in – so that the search is restricted to pages that exist in that specific version.

You do this by filtering your search results using the 'With title' CQL field. If you only want to search in pages created in version 1, for example, you would use the filter v1 in the 'With title' field:

... and now, the search will only feature results from pages created in version 1. If you want to change the version you are searching in, then just change the version filter accordingly.

If the search results don't include some results you think should be there, it's probably because the page you want to search in hasn't been created in the version you are searching in.