Publishing your versioned content isn't the only way to make it available to readers. Our Scroll Exporters provide functionality for exporting content to WordPDFHTMLCHMDocBookEclipseHelp and EPUB formats, and Scroll Viewport lets you publish online.

No matter what your use case is – whether archiving, printing, offline availability or anything else – the Scroll Add-ons can help. 

Exporting content using Scroll Exporters

Scroll Versions is compatible with all of the Scroll Exporters to export versioned content to a wide range of formats quickly and easily. Open the page to be exported, select the correct version and variant (if applicable), and click Tools > Export to <format>. Pick an export scheme and start the export.


If you want to include the name of the version when exporting, please see the corresponding exporter's documentation for the available placeholders:

Exporting using the Confluence default exporter

The best way to export a space managed with Scroll Versions is to use one of our Scroll Exporters.

To export versioned pages with the default Confluence exporter, publish the versioned page to a new space and export it from there.


You can also export directly from the Public View, or log in as a user without Scroll Versions permissions and export the currently published version.

To export the currently-published version, ensure the version you want to export is published within the same space and that you are logged in with a user without Scroll Versions permissions, then select the currently published version as the working version in the Version Picker and export it.