With Scroll Versions you can import your existing Confluence content into a specific target version in a space managed by Scroll Versions. This feature is meant for an initial import, rather than updating existing versioned content as it will always create a new page or subtree of pages, which is assigned to a specific version.

Scroll Translations

If you are a user of Scroll Translations and use this feature to import to a Scroll Translations managed space, the content will always be imported to that space's Default Language.

Before you begin: To import content to a target version you must log in with Doc-Admin permissions and the content must already be imported into Confluence.

To import content to a target version:

  1. Collect the following information:

    • The page ID of the root page of the tree to import. (<sourceConfluencePageId>)
      (info) This page is imported as well.
    • The page ID of the page where to import the content in the versioned space. (<destinationPageId>)
      (info) A copy of the specified source page is attached as child page to this page (including its child page tree)

    • The version name of the version to import to. (<targetVersionName>)
      (info) If this is omitted the content is imported as unversioned pages, still adapting all links and page titles where necessary.

  2. Copy the following command into the browser's address bar, customize the commands in "< >" with the information from step 1, and execute it:


    e.g. http://confluence.k15t.com/rest/scroll-versions/1.0/content-import/pages-to-version?sourceConfluencePageId=1835012&targetConfluencePageId=1835023&targetVersionName=2.5

The message 'Imported <X> page(s) from space <'space key of the source space'> to target space <'space key of the target space'> and version <'1.0'>.' is displayed and all children of the defined page are imported to the defined position in the target version.