Scroll Versions in its current form will not be released for Confluence Cloud due to how deeply Scroll Versions integrates with Confluence Server. Instead, we are working to make Scroll Documents the new solution for versioning and technical communication on Confluence Cloud. For more details about our plans, please refer to our Cloud Roadmap.

If Cloud migration is not yet possible for your team, K15t will continue to develop and maintain Scroll Versions for Confluence Data Center.

Watch the Webinar: Our first milestone in offering a Cloud solution for managing and publishing versioned documentation is available now: an integration between Scroll Documents and Scroll Viewport for Confluence CloudWatch the webinar to see this solution in action.

We are fully committed to enable every Scroll Versions user to migrate to Confluence Cloud via Scroll Documents. We are improving feature parity between the two apps and have released an automated migration documented in the migration path.

The pages listed below outline the differences in features between Scroll Versions and Scroll Documents and the currently available migration path from Scroll Versions to Scroll Documents.