February 2018

We're happy to announce the release of Scroll Versions 3.8.3, which is a bugfix release

Important note regarding Classic Save Mode dark features

Scroll Content Management apps are not compatible with the classic save mode that was the default before Confluence 5.10.0. If you have manually restored this classic mode by enabling the corresponding dark features you need to disable these and then restart Confluence. By default these dark features are not enabled and no action is required. A warning message will be displayed in all managed spaces if one of the incompatible dark features is enabled on your instance. To resolve the problem please follow the steps in this article.

All updates and fixes in this release

New Features and Improvements

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Bugs fixed

T Key Summary Status Resolution

releaseDate21 Feb 2018
descriptionConditional Content macro and other minor bug fixes


  • Scroll Versions is no longer dependent on custom HTTP request headers in Confluence editor


  • "os_destination" parameter is missing %2F when linking to a versioned page

  • text after Inline Conditional Content is displayed as a new paragraph
  • Conditional content displays highlighted in target publishing space

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