To switch off a Scroll Versions or Scroll Translations module you can use a REST call. You have to be logged in with space administrator permissions. You can use a browser to make the calls.

This call will only modify the space configuration, any metadata associated to the respective module is unaffected. That means version information, variants or Scroll page IDs are not changed by this call.

The first call will retrieve the status of the modules in the given space, it will return to you the current status of modules in the space as a simple JSON list:

Retrieve active modules

>	"enableWorkflow":false,
>	"enableTranslation":false,
>	"enableVariants":true,
>	"enablePermalinks":false,
>	"enableSeo":false,
>	"isTargetSpace":false,
>	"restrictEditInReaderView":false}

You can use the same call combined with query parameters to switch off modules in the space. Use the names of the modules as they are in this result list as query parameters to change their status. Modules whose names are missing will not be altered. The call will return the new states of all modules as a result.

Switch off modules

> e.g. <base_url>/rest/scroll-versions/latest/support/config/<spaceKey>?enableVariants=false will turn off Variant management. 

Thus the following call will switch off complete Scroll functionality in the given space (make sure to copy the whole line):

Switch off VSN/TRSL