July 2018

We're pleased to announce the release of Scroll Versions 3.9, which is a minor improvements and bugfix release. 

Read-only mode for Data Center

Scroll Versions is not yet compatible with Read-only mode for Confluence Data Center installations. Administrators need to disable our apps before going into read-only mode on Data Center installations.

Change in Viewport-Versions behavior

Hiding a version in Scroll Versions will no longer hide it in Viewports. After upgrading to 3.9.0 all versions that were hidden in Versions but available in Viewport will be visible in Viewport-view. Please review available in Viewport versions to avoid unintended availability of content to your readers.

End of support for Confluence 5.10

We are dropping support for Confluence 5.10 in this release of Scroll Versions.

Visual improvements


  • order of byline items has changed: versions, variants, workflows, translations
  • whole byline item is now interactive (clickable)
  • open-close behavior of dialogues is improved (a loading icon is displayed in case information is loading, e.g. due to large number of versions)


  • labelling and order of items changed
  • sections and grouping are introduced in Versions menu


  • Content in Version and Compare Versions reports are now pre-filled with the version that was selected in the page view context (when a user entered the dialog)
  • loading spinner is now displayed on reporting dialogs if information is loading


  • improved responsiveness of UI click actions (whenever a user clicks on any action that involves a network call there is now an indicator that information is loading)
  • icons in the UI are now high-res
  • users can now use tabs to navigate through the dialogues
  • version names are now limited by 80 characters (if you edit an older version with 80+ character you won't be able to save these changes. Existing versions will not be changed)

All updates and fixes in this release

New Features and Improvements

T Key Summary Status Resolution

Bugs fixed

T Key Summary Status Resolution

releaseDate2 Jul 2018

Visual improvements; changes to integration with Viewport; bug fixes


Major change

  • hiding a version does no longer hide it in Viewport
  • it's no longer possible to create new versions with names that have more than 80 characters

UI Improvements

  • byline view
  • toolbar labels and order
  • reports are now pre-filled with the current working version
  • loading spinners in reports and other UI dialogues in case information is loading
  • users can now use tabs to navigate through UI dialogues
  • theme integration is now more robust to cope with non-existing themes
  • page title tag now has space and site names (similar to the default Confluence behavior)
  • Include Plus macro dialogue does no longer consider selected previously variant


  • Spaces with Page Properties hang if Page Properties report was used in _SVContentFooter page
  • Page Properties report macro doesn't show anything when _SVContentFooter is defined in a space
  • Byline moves on top of the content when making a browser window small or zooming in
  • users were able to assign empty page keys
  • variants pop-up does not update correctly after changing variants of a page

Read the full Scroll Versions 3.9.0 release notes