December 2019

We're pleased to announce the release of Scroll Versions 3.14.2, which is an improvement and bug fix release.

All updates and fixes in this release

New Features and Improvements

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Bugs fixed

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releaseDate5 Dec 2019
descriptionImprovements and bug fixes


  • page events for publishing in public Java API,


  • "Show differences" dialog from "Compare versions" now includes info on compared versions;
  • publishing info is now limited to users who can publish (space admins and users with edit permissions, or doc admin and authors roles);


  • "Remove Surrounding Panel" option doesn't work in excerpt include+ macro;
  • Version merge dialogue doesn't show version names;
  • exception is displayed when accessing editor of a page through URL;
  • content replaced by an error message when editing a page template with Include Plus;
  • Repair button in Scroll Health Check has a bullet list item next to it;
  • space toolbar is broken if space homepage is a change (dot) page;
  • handling of duplicate pages is not working when the first page has no lastModificationDate and no creationDate;
  • when selecting a page in the Browse section of the Insert Link dialogue, it's not possible to scroll to the end of the page tree;
  • Page Properties Report macro should trim blank spaces in table header values for reliable table filling;
  • release date picker doesn't show the name of the month on the root version;
  • version's release date is off by one day;
  • a page is not copied or moved to the selected location in versioned space;
  • wrong page title displayed after receiving duplicate page title warning.

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