Scroll Versions has multiple core functionalities, depending on your use case you can activate those modules independently of the others. For example, if you want to use variant management but not version management, you can. However, we recommend to use them both in combination, as the version management allows you to control which content is publicly available.

Version Management

This module allows you to create, manage and publish versions of a space. See Version Management for more information.

Variant Management

This module allows you to create conditional content, both for entire pages or on a paragraph level. It lets you avoid having to duplicate common content, and instead focus on the differences between your product variants. See Variant Management for more information.


In addition to Version and Variant Management, Scroll Versions offers a range of other modules:

  • Duplicate page titles and permalinks: allows you to use duplicate page titles multiple times in a space while enabling permalinks
  • SEO: offers functionality to enhance your documentation's SEO

    If you want to have more enhanced control on SEO content, you should check out Scroll Viewport. In particular, this collection of support articles.

  • Restrict Public View edit: allows you to restrict editing from the Public View.
    (info) Since Scroll Versions 3.1 the editing in public view is deactivated per default.
  • Workflow Management: enables functionality for workflow and approvals management