May 2015

K15t Software is proud to release Scroll Versions 3.1. This release introduces the option to delete versions from a space, improves merge versions features, comes with performance improvements for large systems, and contains a range of other improvements and bug fixes.

Highlights in Scroll Versions 3.1

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Delete whole versions and trash deleted versioned pages

This highly voted feature has finally been implemented, thanks for your patience. With Scroll Versions 3.1 it is now possible to delete versions in a space.

Gone are the days of never-ending version trees – you can now simply delete unneeded versions and clean up your versioned spaces within a couple of clicks. Furthermore the delete version feature can be used to opt-out of Scroll Versions and deactivate the version management in a space.

At the same time we improved the deletion handling of versioned pages – they're now stored in the trash and can simply be restored using the default Confluence functionality.

Merge improvement and bug fixes

With the new merge improvements for merging versions, you can now bulk select which page versions you want to keep, or merge only single pages.

Additionally, we improved the feedback when merging so that it displays all affected pages and includes a progress bar, and fixed a lot of small bugs in the merge algorithm, which is now more stable than ever.

In combination with the newly-introduced delete version feature, the merge improvements can help you to clean up your spaces and have a great overview on your versions.

Performance improvements for large instances

We reduced the amount of requests happening on page load and changed the cookie handling we use for the page tree load to save bandwidth. By doing so we've increased the performance of versioned spaces, which is particularly noticeable in large spaces managed with Scroll Versions.

Terminology changes

With Scroll Versions 3.1 we renamed the Reader View to Public View. Additionally the editing of versioned pages in the Public View is now restricted when activating version management in a space. We changed the term Permissions in the administration screen to Roles, to clearly communicate that our Scroll Roles are based on top of the Confluence permissions.

Updates and Fixes in this Release

New Features and Improvements

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Bugs fixed

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The Scroll Versions 3.1 Team

Tobias Anstett
Peter Bastian
Nils Bier
Christoffer Bromberg
Sebastian Hesse
Stefan Kleineikenscheidt
Simon Kusterer
Kyle O'Hara
Davin Pukulis
Roman Serazhiev
Sven Walter