July 2018

We're pleased to announce the release of Scroll Versions 3.9.1, which is a minor improvements and bugfix release. 

All updates and fixes in this release

New Features and Improvements

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Bugs fixed

T Key Summary Status Resolution

releaseDate25 Jul 2018

On-the-fly forms validation and other improvements; bug fixes



  • a warning if anonymous access is allowed and Version Management is enabled in a space without authors configured;
  • an icon in the version picker if a version is available in a viewport.


  • the quality of forms by providing better validation and messaging;
  • the Change Info text if the page's content hasn't been modified;
  • special characters are now allowed in attribute values;
  • variant names with more than 18 characters are now allowed;
  • 'flushing queue' message at the end of publishing;

  • Tip macro inside conditional content macros.


  • merge version dialogue scrolls up when trying to select a version at the bottom of the dialogue;
  • under certain circumstances an error "Index out of bounds" was displayed when removing a version;
  • links in Scroll Health Check description;
  • typos and language-specific issues in the UI;
  • an issue when two users can't edit the same page when collaborative mode is off;
  • an issue when Include+ page tree breaks if excerpt include+ dialog is opened and closed before;
  • Child Pages section is added when activating versions in spaces with Refined Theme;
  • _SVContentFooter page displays an Include error in the footer;
  • CSS class of Children display macro is stripped out if the space is managed by Scroll Versions;
  • Page Properties Report Macro produces warnings in the runtime.

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