Currently, there is no uniform automated or manual migration path for Scroll Versions users.

The migration for a Scroll Versions-managed space to Confluence Cloud is currently in development and is going to consist of two steps:

  1. Automated content migration from Scroll Versions Server to Scroll Documents Server. An automated content migration tool is currently being developed and will be released as a feature in Scroll Versions (see this update for a prototype demo).
  2. Automated migration from Server to Cloud using Atlassian's Cloud Migration Assistant.

We are aware that the feature disparity of Scroll Versions and Scroll Documents is preventing a large part of our user from successfully recreating their setup on Confluence Cloud using Scroll Documents.

We are fully committed to enable every Scroll Versions user to migrate to Confluence Cloud and Scroll Documents. We are currently working to improve feature parity between the two apps and to provide an automated migration path, which will be extended as new features are implemented in Scroll Documents. For more details about our plans, please refer to our Cloud Roadmap.

A later migration will give you a more complete feature set to start with and an easier migration path. For this reason we'd like to ask you to delay the migration.

However, some of our users have performed a manual migration from Scroll Versions and Confluence Server to Scroll Documents and Confluence Cloud with help of our product support. So if you're forced to migrate right now, please reach out to us under