With Scroll Versions you can import your existing Confluence content into a specific target version in a space managed by Scroll Versions. This feature is meant for an initial import, rather than updating existing versioned content as it will always create a new page or subtree of pages, which is assigned to a specific version.

If you are a user of Scroll Translations and use this feature to import to a Scroll Translations managed space, the content will always be imported to that space's default Language.

Before you begin: To import content to a target version you must log in with Doc-Admin permissions and the content must already be imported into Confluence.

To import content to a target version:

  1. Collect the following information:

    • The page ID of the root page of the tree to import. (<sourceConfluencePageId>)
      (info) This page is imported as well.
    • The page ID of the page where to import the content in the versioned space. (<destinationPageId>)
      (info) A copy of the specified source page is attached as child page to this page (including its child page tree)

    • The version name of the version to import to. (<targetVersionName>)
      (info) If this is omitted the content is imported as unversioned pages, still adapting all links and page titles where necessary.

  2. Use the following POST request, customize the query parameters in "< >" with the information from step 1, and execute it:

    [POST] http://<my.confluence.site>/rest/scroll-versions/1.0/content-import/pages-to-version?sourceConfluencePageId=<sourceConfluencePageId>&targetConfluencePageId=<destinationPageId>&targetVersionName=<targetVersionName>

    e.g. http://confluence.k15t.com/rest/scroll-versions/1.0/content-import/pages-to-version?sourceConfluencePageId=1835012&targetConfluencePageId=1835023&targetVersionName=2.5

If you're using an earlier version than 3.14.3 of Scroll Versions you need to use this request as a GET request. For version 3.14.3 and later versions this request has been changed to a POST request.

The message 'Imported <X> page(s) from space <'space key of the source space'> to target space <'space key of the target space'> and version <'1.0'>.' is displayed and all children of the defined page are imported to the defined position in the target version.