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Change the Workflow Status of All Pages of a Particular Version

At the Space tools > Scroll Add-ons > Versions menu, you can change the workflow status of all pages of a certain version.

Things to keep in mind:

  • To use this feature, workflow management must first be activated in the space under Scroll Add-ons > Settings, and you must have Doc-admin permissions.

  • This feature is compatible with both the 'Simple Workflows' and 'Advanced Workflows' settings.

Firstly, go to the version management screen at Space tools > Scroll Add-ons > Versions. Open the Actions menu of the version you want to edit, and then select Set workflow state:

This opens the 'Initialise workflow states' menu, where you can select your desired target workflow state and toggle the 'Completed pages' and 'Preceding versions' settings:

Things to keep in mind:

  • 'Completed pages' is selected by default. When this is activated, the state of pages in the 'Complete' (Simple workflow) or 'versionscompleted=true' (Advanced workflow) states are changed to the selected state. If it is deactivated, the workflow state of completed pages is not changed.

  • 'Select to include preceding versions' is not selected by default. When this is activated, if you select a version that is not the root version, the workflow state of versioned pages in all preceding versions will be changed.

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