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Improve Performance in Versioned Spaces

In this article you can find tips on how to prevent performance issues, and how to resolve performance issues with cache tuning methods. You'll also find helpful Atlassian articles to overcome general performance issues in a Confluence space.

Prevent Performance Issues

Too many child pages 

Consider having as few child pages as possible under the same parent page. The more child pages you have under the same parent page, the longer it will take for Confluence and other apps to render the page tree.

If you are already experiencing performance issues, and have a lot of child pages under the same parent page, consider splitting the child pages into smaller subtrees still within the main parent page. Alternatively, move some child pages to the same level as the parent page.  This can be done in the Reorder page tree

Please keep in mind when moving a versioned page within the Reorder page tree, move the master page and not the change page . When you move the master page, its change pages will automatically follow. If you move a change page from its master page, the page tree will break.

Roles, permissions, and restrictions

Try to keep roles, permissions, and restrictions to only the amount necessary. In similarity to the child pages, the more roles, permissions, and restrictions you have configured for your space, it will affect the time for Confluence and other apps to render your content.

If you are already experiencing performance issues, consider removing redundant page restrictions or Scroll Roles in your space.

 Expanded pages

In a versioned space Confluence's normal page tree will be replaced with a Scroll Page Tree. Confluence native page tree will show the change pages in the tree, whereas the Scroll Page Tree will only display the master pages. The Scroll Page Tree, remembers all parent pages, and child pages which have been left expanded before leaving the page.  Disabling this function can help your page tree load faster. To disable this function follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Space tools
  2. Click on Scroll Add-ons
  3. Press the ALT/option key to make a menu entry for Advanced Plugin Settings appear and click it
  4. In the dropdown to the right, choose Scroll Platform
  5. Click Edit  for the Key "pagetree.remember.expanded.pages"
  6. Set to value to False  
  7. Click Save

Resolve Performance Issues with Cache Tuning Methods

Sometimes a performance issue can be related to the caches. There are a number of ways you can tune Confluence's caches to help solve this issue. 
The following tweaks will directly improve page tree performance:

  • Content objects cache (com.atlassian.confluence.core.ContentEntityObject) should be set to at least 20-30% of the number of content entity objects in your system. To find the number of content entity objects, use the query select count(*) from CONTENT where prevver is null.
  • Content Body Mappings cache (com.atlassian.confluence.core.ContentEntityObject.bodyContents) should be set to at least 20% of the number of content entity objects in your system.
  • Space permissions by ID cache ( should be set to the number of space permissions in your deployment (a good rule of thumb is 20 times the number of spaces). You can find the number of space permissions using the query select count(*) from SPACEPERMISSIONS.

Caches related to content permissions and content properties should also be observed and adapted if they are full but inefficient. Content permissions caches contain page-level restrictions and will therefore also contain restrictions related to roles , whereas content property caches contain page-level metadata managed by  Scroll Versions such as (translated) Scroll Page Titles and Scroll Page IDs

Content permissions and content properties are cache categories divided into several individual caches. You can find each of them listed below:

  • Content permission caches:
    • Content Permission Sets
    • Content Permissions
    • Inherited Content Permission Sets
    • Permissions in Content Permission Sets
  • Content property cache: 
    • Content Properties
    • Content property mappings

Atlassian Articles

We also recommend giving these Atlassian articles a read for additional information, and tips on how to deal with space performance issues.

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