December 2015

K15t Software is proud to bring you Scroll Versions 3.0.3, a major release of one of our most powerful and versatile add-ons. This release greatly enhances both the UI and usability of Scroll Versions, and adds a range of other improvements and features to help make version management in Confluence easier and more intuitive.

Scroll Versions 3.0.3 is fully compatible with Confluence 5.9.

Upgrade Notes

If you are upgrading from an earlier version of Scroll Versions please read the Scroll Versions 3.0.3 Upgrade Notes.

Highlights in Scroll Versions 3.0.3

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Improved UI

The Scroll Versions UI now separates space- and page-related information more clearly, and blends far more smoothly with the Confluence UI. Switch easily between reader and author view, now with just one click. With expanded color options for versioned content, define colors for each team and keep bug fixes and feature releases distinct. In addition, the previous release's Page Info panel has been removed, and the information it contained has been split into the Version Picker and the current Page Info byline.

Overall look and feel


The Version Picker – where authors can select their working version

The Scroll Versions menu – where all space-related actions are stored

The Versions dropdown menu – where all page-related actions are stored

Enhanced theme compatibility

Scroll Versions is now compatible with Refined Wiki, Enterprise Theme, and all default themes. Apply themes to versioned spaces and customize them precisely to fit your needs.

New Reader View with edit restrictions

We've replaced the Version Picker's "currently published" option with the new Reader View. This displays the currently published page, exactly how a reader sees it. Switch instantly between author and reader view, and restrict/prevent editing from the Reader View. No more annoying accidental information overwrites – just effective version editing. Never worry about losing important changes across versions again.

Version-based editing permissions

Do you need to restrict editing of certain versions of your content, while leaving editing open for others? Now, with Scroll Versions 3.0.3, you can set editing permissions for individual versions within a space. Enable your authors to edit exactly what they need to, when they need to.

Faster, simpler publishing

Scroll Versions no longer requires its own specific set of permissions. If your space is private and only available to a certain set of users, those permissions will automatically be applied. This approach drastically increases performance, as there are significantly fewer permission checks. Additionally there is a new direct publishing mode – enabling publishing without preview – which is ideal for publishing small changes rapidly. These enhancements let you publish your content faster than ever before, even if your spaces are extremely large.

Modular configuration

Scroll Versions 3.0.3 is more versatile than ever. Each module can now be activated independently of others, allowing you to use exactly the features you need. What's more, Variants and Attributes can now be used without activating Version Management. Configure your own Scroll Versions setup and manage your versions and variants easily and effectively, with all the functionality you want, and none that you don't.

Multiple published versions in a single space

Scroll Versions is now fully integrated with Scroll Viewport. Maintain multiple versions, style them to perfection, and publish them to the web rapidly and easily – all within a single space!

Updates and Fixes in this Release

New Features and Improvements

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The Scroll Versions 3.0.3 Team

Tobias Anstett
Peter Bastian
Nils Bier
Christoffer Bromberg
Sebastian Hesse
Stefan Kleineikenscheidt
Simon Kusterer
Kyle O'Hara
Davin Pukulis
Roman Serazhiev
Sven Walter