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Publishing is the action of making a space version available for its intended audience.

 You can publish with Scroll Versions alone, or by integrating additional Scroll Apps in the publishing process. Find the best publishing method for your distribution channels.

Depending on which apps you're using, you can choose to publish:

  • To the web in combination with Scroll Viewport- For sharing your team's documentation on the web outside Confluence. Scroll Versions helps you create and manage versioned content, whereas Scroll Viewport helps you share the content as an online help center – like the one you're reading right now.
  • To a document in combination with Scroll Exporters - For the flexibility to share your team's documentation in different customized file formats. Customize export templates with Scroll Exporters. When you're done, export your versioned Confluence content as a document matching your corporate identity. The export format of the document depends on which Exporter app you are using.
  • In Confluence - For authoring and sharing documentation directly through Confluence. Create one dedicated Confluence space for authoring and one for sharing. Is your content ready to go? Then publish the space version with Scroll Versions from your private authoring space to a public space.

What's Next?

Now, go and learn more about the publishing method that fits best for you and your team.

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