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Repair Links to Change Pages


In Scroll Versions, all page links should be pointing to master pages in order to function as expected both in the authoring space and after publishing. Learn more about liking in versioned spaces.

Through user error or the bug described in Jira issue VSN-4515, links pointing to change pages can occur in the authoring space which might break after publishing.


These links can be repaired using a REST API resource which was shipped with the following Jira issue: VSN-4519

As an admin user, update to Scroll Versions 4.2.1+, activate the support resource in the Advanced plugin settings and access the following URL to trigger the process:


In a long-running task, Scroll Versions will check all of the pages in the space for links that point to change pages within the same space and will replace the link target with the corresponding master page instead.

In large spaces, this process might take a while. To check progress, you can use the async task resource. The task ID is returned by the repairChangePageLinks resource when it is triggered.

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