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Resolve "Original Page X is dirty (modified)!"

This troubleshooting article provides step-by-step guidance for how to troubleshoot the publishing preview warning: "Original Page X is dirty (modified)!"


You are about to publish a version with new content and get the following warning when you click Preview before publishing:

Original Page Introduction is dirty (modified)!

Possible Causes

This warning typically appears when publishing a version containing previously published pages. If the page in the target space or Public view (for same-space publishing) has manual changes to it (for example, content has been manually added or deleted), it will be overwritten during the publish.


Follow these steps to address the warning:

  1. Go to the pages mentioned in the warning.

  2. Decide if the manual changes should be integrated into the versioned pages in the target space or in the Author view (for same-space publishing).

  3. Apply relevant changes.

  4. Re-run the publishing preview to ensure the changes are added.

Prevention Tips

To prevent this warning from appearing the future keep the following in mind:

To avoid this warning in the future:

  • When publishing to existing space: Advise authors to add new changes only to versioned pages in the author space.

  • When publishing to the same space: Encourage users to make changes to pages in the Author view rather than the Public view.

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