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Restriction Issue When Publishing "Page X will be restricted for Edit if Scroll Versions..."


When calculating if this message should be displayed, the following steps are taken for each page:

  1. Get all restrictions currently on the page
  2. Get all Scroll Permissions (all groups and users defined as Scroll Roles)
  3. Subtract all Scroll Permissions from the page restrictions
  4. Check if the publishing user can edit the page with the result from step 3.

The message is then displayed if the user can't edit the page.


Lets say User A is in the group authors and User B is in the group admins. There is a versioned space with the group authors set as Authors and admins as Doc-admins. Now, every versioned page in this space has the following restrictions:

  • only users from groups authors and admins can edit the page.

When publishing, Scroll Roles are subtracted and no restrictions are left.

Now some user adds a new restriction to a page: User (!) User A can edit and view the page (it's not possible to do this trough the UI when Scroll Versions is active, but more on this later). When publishing this page, the restrictions on the page are: group authors, group admins and user User A, while the Scroll permissions are just groups authors and admins. When subtracting the permissions from the restrictions of the page, one restriction will be left: User A. This happens even though this user is in the authors group.

All in all, this restriction will prevent the user admin from publishing this page.

To resolve this issue, remove the restriction for the "blocking" user from those mentioned in the message pages. This normally can't be done through the UI, but if you load the page by adding the URL parameter "?useConfRestrictionDialog=true" you will be able to open the native restrictions dialog through Page Tools → Restrictions.

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