On this page you'll find information about what happens when your evaluation license for Scroll Versions expires. You'll also find information about how the pricing works if you're thinking about purchasing an app license.

What Happens When your Evaluation Expires

When your evaluation expires, you'll still have access to all the content you've published using Scroll Versions. You'll only lose access to the Author View and other features of the app, which enable you to edit and read your versioned content that you haven't yet published. This means if you've published within the same space, you'll be able to read the content which you've published to the Public View. If you try to access the Author View after your license has expired, you'll encounter an Invalid License dialog letting you know that you need to extend your evaluation license.

Invalid license dialog

Similarly, if you've published space versions to a new space or existing space you'll be able to access the content in these spaces - but you won't be able to access the content in the versioned author space. You can still access management screens such as the versions overview. You'll however be prevented from taking authoring actions such as creating a new version or a variant.  

The versions management screen

How to Extend Your Evaluation

To regain access to your versioned content and Scroll Versions authoring features you need to either trial the app again, or purchase a license. The license management is completely handled by Atlassian. Therefore, if you want to purchase a license or generate another trial period this has to be done via Atlassian Marketplace.

If your maintenance license for a Scroll app expires, you'll no longer receive updates or support for that app.  Find more information about maintenance licenses on K15t's  Licensing FAQ.

How Pricing Works

How much a purchased license costs depends on which user tier you have on your Confluence. The app license that you buy must match the user tier you have licensed for your Confluence. To find the relevant pricing which applies for your Confluence user tier and environment follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Atlassian Marketplace 
  2. Search for the app you want to purchase 
  3. Go to the app's overview and click Pricing

Here you can find Scroll Versions pricing. Remember to change the hosting option to display the correct prices for your hosting environment.