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Migration Options

The Scroll Documents migration tool offers a number of migration options besides the general content selection based on versions, variants or languages. This article will teach you about these options and how they affect migration results.

Copy space permissions

By default, the generated space is restricted to only be visible to the migrating user. This allows the space admin to test the migration tool without it being visible to other Confluence users.

If checked, the generated space will be assigned all the same permissions as the original space managed by Scroll Versions or Translations.

Copy inline comments

By default, inline comments are not migrated to the generated Scroll Document.

If checked, all inline comments will be copied to the generated Scroll Document. Please keep in mind that in versioned spaces, inline comments might be duplicated if the page they're on gets duplicated to be part of multiple versions in Scroll Documents. This affects unversioned pages and fallback pages in particular.

Preserve inline conditional content

In order to be compatible with Confluence Cloud, Scroll Documents only supports paragraph-level (technically, they're block elements that always start a new line) conditional content. As conditional content macros in Scroll Versions were widely used inline – for example to reflect different terms within a sentence depending on the selected variant – your content might be using inline conditional content macros, regardless of whether they're actually displayed inline.

By default, the migration tool converts all Scroll Versions conditional content macros to the corresponding Scroll Documents macros. This might result in unexpected line returns for inline conditional content macros.

If checked, the migration tool will detect the paragraph around one or multiple inline conditional content macros and make the whole paragraph conditional, with different inline content in each of them. This results in equivalent output when publishing or exporting the content, the page view of the content might look less clear.


The following sentence contains two inline condition content macros:

Editor view after migration to Scroll Documents without preserving inline conditional content (left) and with preserving conditional content (right):

Migrate page keys

Scroll Versions' page keys assigned to pages can optionally be migrated and are available in Scroll Documents as Context Keys. Overall, they function similarly in Scroll Documents, but are only usable in Scroll Viewport, and not within the Confluence UI.

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