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Migration To Scroll Documents Times Out


When migrating a Scroll Versions managed space to Scroll Documents, the migration either times out, or the Confluence system becomes unresponsive.


Does the space you are migrating contain any of the following? See list below:

  • Many versions.
  • A big number of pages.
  • A lot of heavy attachments.

Any of the above mentioned factors, could cause the migration to time out. The reason for this, is that each version from the Scroll Versions managed space, will be saved as physical copies of the page tree in the new Scroll Documents managed space. In other words, the number of versions, along with their pages, and attachments will be multiplied into an X amount copies in the new space. Hence, if the amount of data becomes too much for the Confluence system to handle the migration may time out or the Confluence system can turn unresponsive.


Unfortunately, there is currently no resolution for this problem. However, there are ways you can prevent this from happening. If you suspect you have a space with many versions, pages, or attachments, then consider the following options before your migration:

  • Define the most relevant versions in your documentation and only migrate those versions as one document.
  • Make several smaller migrations where you migrate only a few versions into separate document spaces.
  • Remove unnecessary or heavy attachments and re-add them to the relevant versions after the migration.
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