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How to Use the Conditional Content Macro

You can define sections of content within a page to be available in specific variants. This is called conditional content, and is accomplished through the conditional content macro that ships with Scroll Versions.

Insert the conditional content macro in your page, define the attribute values, and enter your conditional content. You can edit the attribute values as conditions by double-clicking the macro's header.

Insert Conditional Content Macro Inline

  1. Update to Scroll Versions 3.7.6 or later
  2. Type the content that would "wrap" the text inside conditional content as a single paragraph of text first. Then insert the macro and a conditional text. For example, to have a phrase Hello, there, friend as one line (with word there being inside the macro):
    1. type Hello, friend
    2. place cursor right before friend and insert conditional content macro using Insert > conditional content
    3. type there inside conditional content
    4. add a white space and a comma before friend
  3. Save the page

By default, conditional content is highlighted for all Authors. If you mouse-over the conditional content, its available variant(s) is displayed. If you do not want to highlight conditional content, you can disable the setting in the Scroll Settings available when clicking your avatar in the top-right corner.

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