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Scroll Versions 4.5.2

August 2023

Scroll Versions 4.5.2 adds a new section to the global configuration that allows to get an overview of all spaces using any Scroll Versions features and provides a report about which features are used in what way. This report should be used as a starting point for planning your migration to Scroll Documents.

This release also introduces a new health check and fixes a bug related to migrating of Conditional Content macros.

Note on the Future of Scroll Versions and Translations

With the end of Confluence Server, we are shifting our development efforts away from Scroll Versions and Translations. We will continue to maintain Scroll Versions and Translations for the foreseeable future, mainly with compatibility and security fixes.

The future of versioning and documentation on Confluence lies with Scroll Documents (and its Translations and Variants extensions), and our goal is to enable all of our Scroll Versions customers to migrate. This is why migration improvements will be our focus, in addition to maintenance. We will be investing in Scroll Documents to ensure it becomes the better solution for documentation needs on Confluence. 


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