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Migrate Spaces That No Longer Need Scroll Versions

If you previously activated Scroll Versions in a space but no longer need versioning for your content or have decided to move away from it, you should deactivate Scroll Versions in those spaces. This is especially crucial if you plan to migrate these spaces to Confluence Cloud, as Scroll Versions is not available on the Cloud platform, and thus you’ll end up with dot-pages displayed in your page trees, or unknown macros, but is also a common best-practice in order to clean up your spaces.

Is There Anything I Need to Be Aware of during the Migration Process?

Answer: After you have deactivated Scroll Versions in a space it will turn into a normal Confluence space, and it can easily be migrated using the Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant.

What If I Want to Keep Versioning and Conditional Content after the Migration?

Answer: If you still need versioning and conditional content functionality after the migration, you have to convert your spaces to the next generation app Scroll Documents before migrating them to Cloud. However, if versioning and conditional content are no longer necessary, you can proceed with deactivating Scroll Versions and migrate your spaces to Cloud without any additional steps, using the Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant.

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