Since Confluence 5.7 users can add inline-comments to specific sentences or particular parts of a file.

When using Scroll Versions we recommend to use the inline comments as "internal communication elements" on versioned pages, as the comments are not published to the target space.

Currently inline comments are not preserved when rescheduling a versioned page. See VSN-2914 - Getting issue details... STATUS

When using Scroll Versions and inline comments, please note the following:

  • Inline comments are not published – Inline comments from your authoring space are not published to your target space and will not be visible for your readers (no matter if you publish within the same, or to a new or existing space).
  • Modified pages with an inline comments in the target are handled differently – If a modified page has an inline comment in the target space, a comment in the preview is displayed: "The target page contains inline comments". The inline comment in the target space will not be visible after publishing (no matter if you publish within the same, or to a new or existing space).
  • Inline comments are set to resolved – Inline comments in the target space are resolved during publish.
  • Inline comments are displayed on fallback pages – If a page has a fallback to a previous version, the inline comment of this version is displayed. Once a new version of the page is created, the inline comment is overwritten.