You can move a versioned page the same way you move a normal page, using the Tools menu.

Currently, versioned pages can only be moved within the same space. To move the content to a different space, publish the page to that space. See Publishing to an existing space for more details.

We already have an improvement in our JIRA system regarding the possibility to move pages to other spaces: VSN-1085 - Getting issue details... STATUS

As a Doc-Admin, you can either move a page under a new parent page or change the sequential order of a page. If you want to keep this hierarchy when publishing to an existing space, please make sure to activate the check box Publish hierarchy in your publishing settings.

Currently, you can only move pages within the same space, not across spaces. You also can't have multiple hierarchies in different versions.

However, these requirements are already tracked in our JIRA system:

  • Allow different page-hierarchies for different versions: VSN-810 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Support Tools > Move page (to another space): VSN-1085 - Getting issue details... STATUS

You can only move pages that do not have any explicit restrictions defined (the parent page may have restrictions), unless you have 'add restrictions' permission (see CONF-26138):

  • You can not move pages in a new space managed with Scroll Versions without publishing to the same space (because every page is restricted).
  • You can move master pages after publishing to the same space (because restrictions from master pages are removed after publishing).

 Changing the Sequential Order of a Page

If you also want to change the sequential order of a page in the page tree, you have to move the page via Tools > View in Hierarchy.

Use this functionality with caution, as Scroll Versions will not be able to interpret versioned pages correctly if they are not saved as a child page of their corresponding master page. 

To switch back to the normal Confluence view, click a page in the tree view.