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Assign Meta Tags

With the Viewport Meta Tag macro, you can assign certain HTML meta tags, like meta description or share image, to viewport pages within the Confluence editor.

Space Information

You can place the Viewport Meta Tag macro on the home page of a Confluence space to define meta tags like description, share image, and author for the entire space. In special cases, the tags can be overridden on a page basis.

In Confluence, the macro displays as a table that includes the meta tags applied to the viewport view of the page. The defined meta tags are added to the source code of the page in the viewport, rather than displaying.

The Title field is only used for page overrides. If not defined for a page, the Confluence page title is used.

Page Information

By placing a Viewport Meta Tag macro on a page, you can define meta tags for that specific page which override the tags defined on the space home page. In addition, you can define the title displayed in summary cards when sharing a link to the page, which can differ from the page title.

The table view of the meta tags displayed on a Confluence page includes only the meta tags that are actually applied to a page in the viewport, reflecting possible overrides and defaults.

Macro Fields and Meta Tags

These are the macro fields and the corresponding meta tags.

Macro FieldCorresponding Meta Tags


  • twitter:title
  • og:title


  • description
  • twitter:description
  • og:description
Share image
  • twitter:image
  • og:image
  • twitter:creator
  • og:article:author
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