You can manage themes on the theme management screen, at Confluence Administration > Scroll Viewport > Themes:

You can carry out various actions in the Actions column:



DownloadDownload the theme as a JAR file, e.g. for backup or sharing
EditEdit the theme
DeleteDelete the theme
CopyMake a copy of the theme

Restrict creating, copying or editing of a theme

You can use CSS to hide the Start from ScratchCopy and Edit actions in the Scroll Viewport Theme interface. 

  1. Navigate to Confluence administration > Look and Feel > Stylesheet
  2. Add the following CSS to hide the actions from space admins: 

    .spacetools  .sp-theme-info,
    .spacetools  .sp-theme-action-edit,
    .spacetools  .sp-theme-action-copy {
      display: none;