Thanks for choosing Scroll Viewport as your solution for delivering beautifully styled Confluence content to the web.

In a few simple steps, I'll show you how to create a new viewport for a space and then open the viewport to see your styled Confluence content.

1: create a new viewport for a space

Firstly, we'll create a viewport for a space at Space tools > Add-ons > Scroll Viewport > Create Viewport:

2: select a theme for the Viewport

On the Theme tab, you can select a theme for the viewport. A viewport's theme defines how content is rendered and presented to the viewer.

Scroll Viewport comes with two bundled themes – the Scroll Help Theme and the Scroll WebHelp theme. Select the Scroll WebHelp theme, as it's the newest of the two themes:

3: switch to the Viewport view

Now that we've created and configured a viewport for the space, let's view the space's content in the viewport view. Navigate to any page in the space, and open the viewport:

Now, the page is displayed in the viewport view.

4: switch back to the Confluence view

Switching back to the Confluence view is simple:

Next steps

Well done, you've now configured your first viewport! For an in-depth guide on how to to configure a viewport, see the guide to configuring viewports.