Here you'll find explanations of the core concepts and terminology of Scroll Viewport.

Plugin ThemesPlugin themes are installed via the Atlassian Marketplace and the Universal Plugin Manager (UPM). Plugin Themes are a simple way to move themes between servers (for example from test to production servers), or to custom servers. Also, they can be shared and sold as Confluence plugins on the Atlassian Marketplace. All required files are contained in the plugin JAR file.

theme is made up of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other files that define how content is rendered.

There are two types of themes: FTP Themes and Plugin Themes.


viewport provides a special view on pages or blog posts in a space. It can be configured by an Confluence administrator.

The viewport configuration include:

  • a URL that is mapped to the viewport,
  • the content type which is mapped: pages or blog posts,
  • the Viewport theme that should be used to render the content.
Viewport ControlThe Viewport Control is displayed in a viewport that allows for opening the current page in the Confluence UI, edit the current page, manage the Viewport, go to the dashboard of Confluence, the space directory and the people directory.