The Help Center theme displays content from your spaces and takes your Confluence formatting into account. To ensure the best experience for users, make sure all space content is in place and formatted correctly.

General Utility

  • Include internal or external links anywhere: If you want to link to internal (meaning Confluence pages) or external pages from Help Center elements that usually link to a page (for example Space tiles, page tree entries, pinned pages), consider placing a Viewport Redirect macro on them.


  • Do not use page Heading 1 style: In the Help Center theme, page titles display in the (HTML)Heading 1 style, so when creating content in Confluence, use the styles Heading 2 - Heading 6. Heading 1 displays in the same style as the page title.
  • Make sure every heading is followed by content: A heading always introduces new content. This means after a heading there should be at least one paragraph before the next heading is following. This improves the reading flow of your docs, as well the HTML Structure and with both of it your SEO for the page.
  • Do not link headings: As already mentioned above a heading introduces new content. This is why you should avoid linking headings to other pages. Rather, write a paragraph and link from here.
  • Images should have title and alt text: An image doesn't explain itself in most of the cases. This is why it is important to add a title which puts the image into a context and an alt text which describes the image. The latter is also very important for users who are using screen readers and can't see the actual image, they still need the information what is shown. Besides that, this will also improve your SEO for the page. Alt text and titles can be added to an image directly in the Confluence editor.