You can customize the Help Center theme to match your brand by modifying the site's colors, layout and more.

There are generally two ways in which you can affect how your space appears in the Viewport view: by editing the theme-settings in the theme editor and by manipulating content in Confluence, like setting labels on pages.

On this page, you will learn how the Help Center theme can be customized in general, both in terms of appearance and content. For more info about which settings need to be altered to change a specific component, refer to the view-specific pages:

Theme Settings

Access the settings

Most of the visual customization of the Help Center theme is done by editing the file in the theme editor. Edits in this file affect all spaces in which the theme is active.

To access the settings

  1. Navigate to Space Tools > Apps > Scroll Viewport
  2. In the list of viewports, click Configure 
  3. Click the   button and choose Edit

To edit a default theme, you must first create a copy of it.

Change settings

The theme settings are broken into several sections based on how they affect the help center. Individual settings are defined as key value pairs.

For example, you might see a setting like: "header.backgroundColor=#000C34". Let's break this down:

  • header.backgroundColor – This is the name of the setting. In this case, you're setting the background color of the header. 
  • #000C34 – This is is the value you modify to update the setting. In this case, the header background color is set to the html color value #000C34. You can modify the setting by entering a different color value.

Comments in the themes settings explain what the setting does and which values are allowed. If a value does not fit the property, it will be set to its default value.

There are a few different types of settings, each with a description of what it does and how to change it. In general, you'll encounter these types of settings:

Setting TypeDescriptionExample
FilenameEnter the name of the uploaded file."header-logo.png"
ColorEnter a hex color code"#000C34", or another color value supported by CSS.  Learn more
ToggleEnter "on" or "off" to enable or disable the setting.Setting header.displaySpaceName to "on" makes the space name display in the header.
URLEnter a complete URL

" "

Note: "" will not work

Free textEnter textSetting helpCenter.overview.headingText to "Our Products"
OtherFollow the description for the settingSetting by entering your Google Analytics tracking ID.

After changing the settings, choose Save and switch to the viewport from a space in the help center to see your customizations.

Uploading custom files to the theme

To include custom images in the theme, those have to be uploaded and attached to the theme. After they have been attached, they can be references by name in the properties of the Filename type.

Files currently attached to the theme are listed in the file section on the left of the theme editor along with the file. 

The Help Center theme supports JPG, PNG and SVG image file types.

Confluence page & space content

You can tailor how your content is displayed in Viewport view by directly manipulating page content like macros or by assigning metadata like labels or descriptions to your Confluence pages or spaces.

This customization method generally only affects the space it is done in as opposed to all spaces the theme is active in.

Confluence page content

Page title

Page titles are used in the URL of any given page and also appear as the HTML title for it. Titles of space home pages are also used for other elements.

Example: The title of the space home page is also displayed in the banner if the "hero" style is used.


The Help Center theme supports a range of content macros in article view. Some Confluence macros also used for other purposes.

ExampleThe excerpt macro is used to define the page description. This description will appear on the tile that represents a page on the space home page.

Confluence page and space metadata

Page labels

Labels are used to give pages special status in a space.

Example: A page that has the label "scroll-help-center-exclude-page" will be hidden from all navigation, including the page tree and space home page.

Space metadata

Space name, description and avatar are included in the different views in the Help Center theme.

Example: The tiles on the portal page of a multi-space that represent the space contain the space avatar, name and short description of that space.

A complete list of how Confluence content and metadata is used can be found here.