What's a Viewport?

A Viewport displays your Confluence space content in a separate view. The Viewport behaves like a website and can be themed separately from your Confluence instance. 

When you add a viewport to a space, you have two ways of interacting with your content:

Viewport View ↔ Confluence View

  • Confluence – The view we all know and love where your team can collaborate on content.
  • Viewport – A view of your space content that is displayed in beautiful themed way.

Viewport Configurations

When setting up a viewport, you'll configure just how you want your content displayed to users. You can customize the:

  • Theme – The theme which defines how content displays in the viewport
  • Content – Whether pages, blogs, or both display on in the viewport. You can also set whether Versions, Variants, and Translations created in other Scroll Apps are available in the viewport
  • URL – The URL structure used for the website.
  • Permissions – The people who are allowed to edit content in Confluence and who can only view it in the viewport

How to setup a Viewport in Confluence?

In this step-by-step guide your will learn how to create a Viewport in your space.

To create a new Viewport in a space:

  1. Go to a space and choose Space tools > Apps from the bottom of the sidebar.
  2. Choose Scroll Viewport (if not already preselected).
  3. Click on the Create Viewport button. A Viewport will be created.
  4. On the Theme tab select a theme you want to work with. To create help center or documentation, we recommend to choose the preselected The Help Center Theme.

  5. Click the save button at the bottom of the window.

That is it. You just setup your first Viewport.

In case you are a web developer and you want to develop your own fully custom theme. Please checkout our developer documentation on how to create your own theme.

Switching between Viewport view and Confluence view

Now you can see your space presented in the chosen theme by switching to the viewport.

  1. From any page in the space, choose the Scroll Viewport icon.
  2. Choose Open.
  3. Browse through your lovely content.

Finally, switch back to Confluence using the Scroll Viewport menu so you can start working on your content.

  1. Open the Scroll Viewport menu by selecting the icon in the middle left of the screen and choose View in Confluence.

Next Steps

Learn how to customize the Help Center theme to match your brand look and feel.

Learn how to further configure your viewport.