In this section we are going to show you Confluence Information which we are using in the theme.

Page Content

Some settings in the theme can be done directly within Confluence itself. The following section will show you what kind of Confluence features the theme uses.


We are using different information from an image embedded in a Confluence Page.

Size of Images

An image in your Confluence Page will be shown in full width in the Viewport Theme.
If you have images where you want to prevent this from happening you just need to set a manual width in the images settings in the Confluence Editor.

Using one of the three relative size buttons in Confluence does not affect the image size in the Help Center theme, but does affect how big images are displayed in Confluence. You can use if you want images to display in full size in the Help Center theme, but don't want big images to get in the way while editing in Confluence.

Descriptive Text for Images

The theme uses the title and alt text properties of an image. Read in the best practice section more about why you should use these properties.


We are using some macros of Confluence to display different content in the theme. In the following table you can see which macros we are using to grab information from. We are also using fallbacks if the macros aren't applied on your pages.

Macro NameWhat is used?Where is it used?Fallback
Excerpt MacroDisplays the content of the macro as a description for the site.

Space Home Page
The content of the macro will display a description for the space.
Read more about where the description is shown exactly.

Portal Page
The content of the macro will display a description for the portal.
Read more about where the description is shown exactly.

If the macro isn't applied the first 40 characters of the space home page will be used.

Page Labels

The content of your space can also be structured within the theme by using page labels in Confluence. The following table shows the name of the labels and which effect they have to the theme.

Label NameWhat does it do?Which layout will be effected?
scroll-help-center-pinned-pageIf the label is set to a page the page will be displayed on the space home page below the banner
scroll-help-center-cta-pageThe page with this label will be set as call to action button below the space home description.

A page with this label set will be excluded from the navigation and the overview. This does also apply for the children of this page.

Use Case Example

The page is still accessible through the Viewport. This gives you the possibility to implement pages like a sitemap.xml or pages you want to be accessible through a footer or header link.

scroll-help-center-news-pageIf you set the property "" to "label" the page with this label will be taken as the news source. The page itself can be accessed through the "Read More" button and the first two children are displayed on the space home page.

Space Content

Space Home Page Information

We are using the Space Home Page Name as the title for the Hero and Detail Layouts. The content we are using from this page is described in Macros.

Space Information

Some of the content for the theme is used from the space itself. The following table shows the type of information which is used, where and how it is used.

Space InformationWhere is it used?How is it used?Fallback
Space avatar

Header navigation
The space avatar is used in a content space as logo in the header as long as the "header.logo" property is empty.
If you activate a root space the avatar of the root space is active for all content spaces in the collection.

Portal page
The Avatar is displayed within the Spaces Tile on the Portal Page.

Detail layout
The Avatar is displayed in the banner beside the Space Name.

Header navigation
This is the fallback for the "header.logo" property.

Portal page and detail layout
The avatar doesn't have a fallback except for the Confluence avatar which is displayed as default.

Space name

Header navigation
If the property "header.displaySpaceName" is set to "on" the space name is displayed beside the space avatar in the header.

Portal page
The space name is displayed within the spaces tile on the Portal Page.

No fallbacks.
Space descriptionThe space description is displayed within the spaces tile on the Portal Page.No fallbacks.