For complete control, administrators can manage all Scroll Viewport themes within Confluence in one place.

You need Confluence administrator permissions to manage all Scroll Viewport themes.

To manage themes on the theme management screen, choose Confluence Administration > Scroll Viewport > Themes:

There are few different things you can do from the Actions column:



DownloadDownload the theme as a theme app JAR file for backup or sharing
EditEdit the theme
DeleteDelete the theme
CopyMake a copy of the theme

Restrict creating, copying or editing of a theme

You can use CSS to hide the Create ViewportCopy and Edit actions in Scroll Viewport configuration. 

  1. Choose Confluence administration > Look and Feel > Stylesheet
  2. Add the following CSS to hide the actions from space admins:

    .spacetools  .sp-theme-info,
    .spacetools  .sp-theme-action-edit,
    .spacetools  .sp-theme-action-copy {
      display: none;