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How we enable faster site generation

If you’ve updated or added content on your Viewport site in the past, you’ve probably wondered why it takes long to update. A few of you have even reached out to us and mentioned that you’d like the process to be faster.

We take that feedback seriously and have implemented the first part of a larger solution to improve the site generation speed. You will now notice that any content that is added, changed, or removed from your Viewport site is updated a lot faster than before.

What has changed with this improvement and why is it faster?

Any change on your site, whether this is an update to an existing page or content source, addition of new content, or deletion of existing content, starts with a preview. At this stage, Scroll Viewport extracts your content from Confluence with the configured theme and creates static HTML pages.

In the past, this involved re-generation of every page one by one. However, our latest update allows us to generate multiple pages in parallel without generating them one after the other. Apart from this, we have also improved caching, implemented optimisations, and identified and fixed several performance bugs. These accumulative improvements make the site generation process faster for your site.

Like before, once the preview is over and confirmed, you can publish it. This would make the updated content available under the URL defined for your site. Your updated site is now ready for others to see!

Will site generation become faster in the future?

We’re always looking for ways to improve Scroll Viewport for you.

The current release still involves a complete regeneration of all the content on your site. In the future, we plan to implement the second part of this solution that will allow partial publishing of content. This means we would only generate the pages that have changes, or have been updated instead of regenerating all the content on the site.

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