The theme can integrate with other services outside of the Atlassian Eco-System as well with Apps from K15t like Scroll Versions.

Scroll-Apps Integrations

In this section you will learn which and how Scroll-Apps can be implemented with the theme.

Scroll Versions

You can activate Scroll Versions in your Viewport as explained in our article. This will integrate a version and/or variant picker to the theme.


Currently we only support publishing content via the Scroll Viewport <> Scroll Versions integration. In this case Scroll Viewport must be active on the source space and instance. Published spaces containing different versions of the same source space cannot be integrated as versions of the same space within the theme.


We provide a setting to define a variant which will always redirect to the latest version of a page and hide the version picker in the theme.

NameTypeExample ValueComment
1integrations.scrollVersions.variants.standAloneOthercloudAn example use case could be a cloud variant which usually doesn't have older versions but always runs on the latest version.

Scroll Translations

You can activate Scroll Translations in your Viewport as explained in our article. This will integrate a language picker in the theme.

Third-Party Integrations

The Help Center Theme also supports selected services outside the Atlassian Eco-System. In this section we will show which services you can integrate with and how you can integrate with them.

If you activate a third-party integration in your Help Center we recommend to turn on the Cookie Notice due to GDPR.


Freshdesk provides a web widget to integrate on your own website. The Help Center Theme provides this web widget and can be setup very easily. All you need to do is following the instructions on the Freshdesk Help Center to integrate the popup widget.

The widget will provide a code you would need to integrate with your website. The only thing you need to do to fill in your Freshdesk URL to the following properties.

NameTypeExample ValueComment
1integrations.freshdesk.urlLinkhttps://yourcompany.freshdesk.comThis setting will provide the Freshdesk Web Widget in your Help Center Theme.
2integrations.freshdesk.buttonTextFree TextSupportThis text will be the text of button to activate the widget.
3integrations.freshdesk.buttonColorCSS ColorgreenA CSS Color for the background color of the button.
4integrations.freshdesk.buttonTextColorCSS ColorwhiteA CSS Color the text should be displayed in.


You can connect your Help Center Theme to the Google Suite of of apps like Analytics, Tag Manager or Search Console to help better understand your users' help journeys and improve your content over time.


NameTypeExample ValueComment


Insert the Google Analytics ID of your service without the 'UA-' in front.

Tag Manager

NameTypeExample ValueComment


Insert the Google Tag Manager ID of your service without the 'GTM-' in front.


The web widget of Intercom can be integrated through a property in the theme settings file. Intercom also allows to style the web widget up to your needs directly in their service.

NameTypeExample ValueComment


Insert the Intercom App ID to activate the widget in your Help Center Theme.

Jira Service Desk

The Jira Service Desk Widget is currently only available for Cloud.

NameTypeExample ValueComment


Insert the Jira Service Desk Key to activate the widget in your Help Center Theme.


You can integrate the web widget of Zendesk as described in the following table in our theme settings file. Zendesk offers also the possibility to customize the web widget directly through their service.

NameTypeExample ValueComment

Insert the Zendesk URL of your service without the 'GTM-' in front.