If you have two Viewports in a space and want to make sure that all links that go to the old Viewport are redirected to the new one you can achieve that by using a redirect.
You define a new redirect in 'Regular Expression' mode to resolve all links in the new Viewport. For this to work both Viewports must use the same page path.

Incoming URL = https://domain.name/old-viewport-name(.*)
Target URL = https://domain.name/new-viewport-name$1

The redirect will be varied based on the incoming URL through the variable $1. Everything which follows the literal part of the incoming URL is matched by '.*' and is stored in the variable $1.

The content of the variable $1 is then appended to the literal part of the target URL, some examples:

  • https://domain.name/old-viewport-name/page  will be redirected to https://domain.name/new-viewport-name/page
  • https://domain.name/old-viewport-name/page/childpage  will be redirected to https://domain.name/new-viewport-name/page/childpage

Make sure that the literal part of the incoming URL is not a prefix of the target URL, otherwise the redirect will be applied repeatedly, e.g. you cannot use https://domain.name/viewport(.*) as incoming and https://domain.name/viewport-new$1 as target URL.