January 2018

We're proud to present Scroll Viewport 2.9.0, which is an improvement and bugfix release. This release introduces compatibility with Scroll Versions' Page Key functionality, allowing users to access pages by their Page Keys for context sensitive help in Scroll Viewport.


  • New: compatibility with Scroll Versions' Page Key functionality
  • Fixed: content placeholder methods 'next' and 'prev' throw exceptions
  • Fixed: Viewport RSS Macro not working

Important update information 

This release removes the Scroll Help Theme from the available default themes included when the app is installed. By default, Viewports that already use this theme will automatically fall back to the Scroll WebHelp Theme. If you want to continue using the Scroll Help Theme, you can access it from our Bitbucket repository.

This release also contains changes which have the following implications on the upgradability of Scroll Viewport:

  • there is no upgrade path from Scroll Viewport version 2.0.5, or earlier, to version 2.9.0 (or later)
  • customers who have Scroll Viewport version 2.0.5, or earlier, must first upgrade to a version prior to 2.9.0, such as version 2.8.1, and then upgrade to version 2.9.0. Previous versions of Scroll Viewport can be downloaded from the Atlassian Marketplace

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