February 2019

We are pleased to announce the release of Scroll Word Exporter 4.1, which is an improvement and bugfix release. 

This minor release improves the export behaviour for Confluence Code Block macros, by allowing exports to now include line numbering (if enabled) and to also preserve syntax highlighting.

Furthermore, we have introduced new template options for allowing users to define the filename for their export.  Additionally, we have introduced a new macro, the Scroll Content Block, that will assist users to keep their important content together in the Word export.


Define your own filename

This update provides users with the option to set their own filename. Within the template editor (via Properties > File Options) or through the Export dialog, users can set how the filename is constructed and can choose from a variety of placeholder or your own text to achieve this:

The new Scroll Content Block macro

We have also included a new macro with this release, the Scroll Content Block macro. This macro can be used to mark any content that you do not want to have split across a page break in an export. The contents within the macro will be treated as a block of content, suppressing page breaks to avoid orphans and widows in exported documents. To find out more, please see our documentation.

All updates and fixes in this release

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Bugs Fixed

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New Scroll Content Block Macro; New Filename options; Improvements & Bug fixes