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Defining List Styles

Scroll Word Exporter allows you to define up to eight levels of numbered and bulleted lists. You can control the indentation, define the bullets and numbering format, change font-size or font-style, and much more. 

To control the output of lists you have to create a new style for every level as described below. The following table gives an overview about the name of the styles in your Word template:

List LevelName of the list style
Numbered ListBullet List

Scroll List Number

Scroll List Bullet


Scroll List Number 2

Scroll List Bullet 2


Scroll List Number 3

Scroll List Bullet 3


Scroll List Number 4

Scroll List Bullet 4


Scroll List Number 5

Scroll List Bullet 5


Scroll List Number 6

Scroll List Bullet 6


Scroll List Number 7

Scroll List Bullet 7


Scroll List Number 8

Scroll List Bullet 8

Adding and defining list styles

  1. Open your Word template, insert a list style and then click the Home tab and select the Styles Pane option
  2. Within the Styles section, click New Style 
  3. In the field Name enter the name of the Scroll style for your chosen list level, for example 'Scroll List Bullet'
  4. In the Style based on: drop down, select List Paragraph
  5. In the Format drop down, select Numbering and define the wanted bullet or numbering style
  6. In the Format drop down, select Paragraph and define the wanted indentation
  7. Define the rest of the formatting requirements and then click OK.
  8. Repeat steps two to seven for the additional list levels (up to 8) that need to be defined
  9. Delete the inserted list element and save your template.

After the template is uploaded to your Confluence system it can be used to export your content to Word with the desired list formatting.

Change already defined list level styles 

  1. First, add the Scroll named List levels to the Word paragraph styles in the template 
  2. For each style (eg. Scroll List Number 1), go to Modify style, select Numbering from the drop-down - for Scroll List Number styles click the Numbered tab / for Scroll List Bullet styles click the Bulleted tab
    How to change numbered lists in word
  3. Now, click the list style desired for the level being modified, eg. 1) 2) 3) or I. II. III. 
  4. Then click Customise...
  5. You can then further configure the numbering/bulleted style for that level
  6. After this, click Ok and confirm the changes you made
  7. Lastly, repeat the process for all further levels of the style - eg. Scroll List Number 2, Scroll List Number 3, etc

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