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Defining the Style of Monospaced Text

By default, monospace text is exported in the font Courier New with font size 10 pt. However, you can change how this paragraph style is exported in your Word template.

Define monospace text

To define the style of monospaced text in your exports you need to add a specific Scroll Paragraph style to a Word template.

  1. Open your Word template, click the Home tab and choose the Styles Pane option
  2. Next, click New Style. The screen Create New Style from Formatting is displayed:
  3. In the field Name enter Scroll Plain Text
  4. Change the formatting of the style to your needs and click OK.
  5. Save your template.

You've successfully changed the style of monospaced text. After the template is uploaded to your Confluence system it can be used to export your content to Word.

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