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Defining Paragraph Styles

With Scroll Word Exporter you can easily define styling for paragraph styles in your Word exports.

Please note, Scroll Word Exporter export templates do not support MS Word embedded fonts. Therefore, if your configured MS Word file contains embedded fonts you may experience export issues. Please update the MS Word file to not use embedded font types. 


It is necessary to define Scroll Paragraph Styles in the Word template to allow Scroll Word Exporter to match the content exported from Confluence. 

Adding and defining paragraph styles

  1. Open your Word template, insert some text and highlight it
  2. Click the Home tab and then select the Styles Pane option
  3. Within the Styles section, click New Style
  4. In the field Name enter the name of the Scroll style for your chosen paragraph style, for example 'Scroll Heading level 1'
  5. In the Style based on: you can use the standard Microsoft Word styles, which can be changed afterwards – for example 'Heading 1'
  6. In the Format drop down, you can then define Font and Paragraph settings for the style: 
  7. After defining the rest of the formatting requirements, click OK.
  8. Steps two to six can then be repeated for the additional Scroll Paragraph styles that are added

  9. Delete the inserted text and save your template.

You've successfully created paragraph styles for your template.

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