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Ignore Content in Exports

To follow this guide, you must first install the Scroll Exporter Extensions app

You must install the Scroll Exporter Extensions app to use the option outlined in this guide.

You can mark content to be excluded from exports by inserting it into a Scroll Ignore or Scroll Ignore Inline macro. The content will still be displayed as normal within Confluence.

The difference in how these macros work is that a line break is inserted when the Scroll Ignore macro is used, and no line break is inserted by the Scroll Ignore Inline macro. Subsequently, as a result of this difference, please note that the Scroll Ignore Inline macro does not support rich text content and only uses plain text formatting. This is because rich text can also include non-inline content.  

Once the macro is inserted, you can Edit it to select which Scroll Exporter app(s) specifically ignores the content in the export.

If you want to ignore content in Confluence, but still display it in exports, you can use the Scroll only or Scroll only inline macros.

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