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Automate Your Exports Using the REST API

Want to test the REST API?

Navigate to our interactive documentation to try out the REST API below


This page describes how to export content using the REST API. To export content you have to:

  1. Create an access token for authentication (once).
  2. Start the export job (the server will return the ID of the job).
  3. Fetch the status of the export job repeatedly until it finished.
  4. Download the exported file when the export job has finished.

For more details, read on or take a look at the example scripts:

Personal Access Token(s) can be created in your user profile. Simply navigate to: User Profile Icon (top right) > Settings > Scroll Word Exporter API Tokens

This token can be used for as many exports as you want, as long as it exists.

Once created, the token is must be added via the Authorization header to all HTTP requests:

Authorization: Bearer <my-token>

IDs used in Export Parameters

When starting an export, you may need to provide several IDs to the API. Here's how to locate them:

Page / Blog Post ID

Can be found by opening the Page Information screen via ...Advanced detailsPage Information

The ID is contained in the URL of this screen, for example: .../wiki/pages/viewinfo.action?pageId=2053799937 

Template IDCan be retrieved by inspecting the template information in the space/global template list's Action menu.
Scroll Documents: Variant IDCan be found for a Scroll Document by opening the document reader, selecting the variant and then click Share. This produces a URL that contains the variant ID, for example ...&variantId=dt4b89

OpenAPI Specs

The API specs below represent the latest version of the apps and as provided for Confluence Cloud. Server and Data Center users may download the OpenApi spec file specific to their app versions at:

  • Scroll PDF Exporter: <BASE_URL>/download/resources/com.k15t.scroll.scroll-pdf/api-docs/1/openapi.yaml
  • Scroll Word Exporter: <BASE_URL>/download/resources/com.k15t.scroll.scroll-office/api-docs/1/openapi.yaml
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