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Create and Manage Export Templates

Scroll Word Exporter provides multiple options for managing export templates either globally or on a space level in Confluence.

  • Global templates are available in all spaces in your Confluence system.
    To work with global templates, you need Confluence Administrator permissions. You can manage global templates via Confluence administration > Scroll Word Exporter > Templates

  • Space templates are only available in a specific space in your Confluence system.

     To work with space templates you need Confluence space permissions for the specific space. You can manage a space's export templates via Space Tools > Apps > Scroll Word Exporter

Template Actions

Create an Export Template

Once you've prepared your Word template, you can upload it to Confluence and make an export template with it by clicking New.

Upload/Import an Export Template

To upload a .data export template, click Upload.

Edit an Export Template

Click Actions ••• > Edit

The template editor will open allowing changes to be made to the export template. You can change which Word template your export file uses (e.g. if you have developed a new Word template with updated and improved text styles). Just click the template name > Word File > Upload and then select the new Word template you wish to use. 

Copy an export template

Click Actions ••• > Copy

The template is copied and will appear in the template list.

Download an Export Template

Click Actions ••• > Download

The template is exported as a *.data file, and can be uploaded to another space, as a global template, or to another Confluence system.

Download the Word file

Click Actions ••• > Download Word file

The Word file associated with the export template will be downloaded. You can then make changes to the Word file if you have developed a new Word template with updated and improved text styles.  

Delete an export template

To delete a space template, you must log in with the relevant Admin permissions.

To delete the template, simply click Actions ••• > Delete.

View template information

Click Actions ••• > Template Information

You can view specific information associated with the template, such as Name, ID (necessary for configuring the Scroll Export Button) and the REST URL (which can be used to automate exports using the REST API). 

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