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Add Captions to Images, Figures, and Tables

To follow this guide, you must first install the Scroll Exporter Extensions app

You must install the Scroll Exporter Extensions app to use the option outlined in this guide.

You can use the Scroll Title macro to add captions to images, figures, and tables in exports. Those captioned elements can then be referred to from an index, like a table of figures, or table of tables.

To use the macro, insert it into a page, highlight it and then select Edit. You can then enter the caption title you want to assign to the content and after confirming, move that content into the macro.

You must wrap each element you want to caption in a separate Scroll Title macro.

If you don't define a caption title within the macro, this error message will be printed in the Word export: Error rendering macro 'scroll-office-title': com.atlassian.renderer.v2.macro.MacroException: Parameter named 'title' is missing

Linking to captions

Since switching to the new cloud editor experience,  Atlassian has removed the anchor macro and made changes to the way in which links are created in the new editor. As a result, there is currently no way to create a single link to the title anchor that works in both Confluence and the export. We are tracking this feature request here: EXP-3184

Please note, the Anchor field still displays for the Scroll Title macro but it is not possible to link to this.

Adjust caption position and alignment 

After adding the desired caption to your figure you can also customize the placement and alignment of the caption.

With the macro parameter title-position, you can decide whether you want the caption to appear above or below the table or figure. Additionally, the title-alignment macro parameter allows you to define the alignment of the caption text. You can choose between the alignments: Left, Center, Right and Justify.

The Justify alignment differs from the other directional alignments and allows you to write longer captions, on several lines, in a good looking way. The letter- and word-spacing gets aligned so that the caption text stays within a predefined squared structure.

Please note that the caption alignment in exports is always taken from the template.

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